a film by Bernardo Bolognesi and Francesco Merini

Directed by Francesco Merini
Photography Salvatore Varbaro
Sound recordist Enrico Medri
Editing Stefano Barnaba
Starring William Bernal, Bernardo Bolognesi, Giulio Filippo Giunti, Carlo Alfonso Lipparini, Cristiano Merini, Alberto Nanni Costa
Conception and Script Bernardo Bolognesi, Massimiliano Gollini, Cristiano Merini, Francesco Merini
Organization Elena Rossi
Production Studio Aspide in collaborazione con Cicco Corporation
Music Skiantos, Calexico, I Quattrocento colpi, Califone, Federico Poggi Pollini, Andrea Mazzacavallo, Carlo Tumiscitz, DNA2, Lomas, Maver Quartet etc.
Lenght 95minuti ca.
Format DVCAM
Year 2003

Premio Sergio Leone 2004
Annecy Cinema Italien Festival 2005
Officina delle Opere Prime di Bologna 2002

Every Tuesday from October 2003 to March 2004 at Officinema - Cineteca del Comune di Bologna. Published by Ermitage in DVD for the series Cine Occhio (2005).


Bologna, 2002. The streets of the city are a maze in which a great deal of characters wonders about, seeking their destiny with difficulty or more simply trying to live.
Bernardo is one of them. He is undecided whether to go on with his profession as a lawyer or give up in favour of a passion for cooking and the dream of running a restaurant. Then, there are his friends, Carlo and Giulio; there is Vera, who comes from South America; there is Bene, a young DAMS student (Editor’s Note: Faculty of Cinema and Television), who faces the materialization of death; there are Igor and Viktor, two Russian brothers and micro-criminals, unable to find their place in the civil society.
A factory building becomes the place where the dreams and the fates of Bernardo and Carlo meet, cross and interfere with those of Igor and Viktor. This triggers a raving journey/chase that pushes the characters out of the city, towards the country and the sea. At the end of this journey Bernardo will manage to ‘get out of his territory’ and will find the strength to fulfil his dreams.

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