I'm in love with my car

Cars affect our primary senses on all levels, they define our world and change our contemporary society. Our tastes have changed: drive-in food, that was once at most a monthly family treat has now become an essential daily ritual in our fast-paced, consumer society. We barely notice the smell of exhaust fumes but more and more people are getting sick from atmospheric pollution. The quest for perfection in style and shape pushes car designers to innovate constantly, looking to create an emotional connection between man and machine from the first touch. Our cities are now designed in function of cars, changing what we see and our perception of the world we live in. People have a love-hate relationship with cars. The film seeks to question the car myth, something that is deeply rooted in our consumer society. A group of primary school's kids guide the spectators in a journey into our imaginary. Using automotive archives and through the involvement in a dynamic way of scientists, engineers, anthropologist and racing drivers, the film explores how the car has changed not only the cities we live in but also our lives. 

               Written and directed by: Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
               DOP: Michele Mellara
               Cameramen: Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini, Umberto Romagnoli, Marco Cavalli
               Sound recordist: Alessandro Rossi
               Editor: Marco Duretti, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
               Colorist: Marco Fantozzi
               Original music composed by: Nicola Bagnoli
               Sound enginneer and mix: Fabio Viana Coggiola
               Produced by: Ilaria Malagutti
               Production company: Mammut Film
               International Sales: First Hand Film              
               Supported by:
 European Community Programm MEDIA, Emilia Romagna Audiovisual Fund, 
Piemonte Doc Fund                
Languages: italian, english
               Format: HD
               Genre: Current affair, social issue, enviroment
               Duration: 1x72’; 1x52’
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