a film by Bernardo Bolognesi and Francesco Merini

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Directed by Francesco Merini
Editing Stefano Barnaba
Starring Bernardo Bolognesi, Valerio Canč, Carlo Alfonso Lipparini, Matteo Tarozzi
Concept Massimiliano Gollini, Francesco Merini
Script Bernardo Bolognesi, Massimiliano Gollini, Cristiano Merini, Francesco Merini
Production Studio Aspide
Lenght 90 minuti ca.
Format MiniDv
Festival Arcipelago 2001
Distribution At the Cinema Bellinzona d’essai of Bologna every Tuesday from Dicember 2000 to April 2001.
Year 1999


Bologna, 1999. They are born in the Seventies. Of those years they carry the nostalgia: Lippa and Berna, graduate and confused at the same time, get by chance the possibilty to realize a work on their city for National Geographic Italia. Taroz, who works as storeman in his aunt furniture's shop, try to succeed with the ska band where he sings: I quattrocento colpi. While Lippa and Berna are trying to give a sense to their work, taroz meets Zanzi, a dodgy music producer who works to the threshold of legality. In the attempt of interview Taroz, Lippa and Berna are "sucked in" the singer affairs, that get more and more confused.

Brief production and distribution history of the film

Paglione was shot on no account in the spare time between the spring of 1998 and the summer of 1999. It was edited between the spring and the autumn of 1999 and presented for the first time to 500 viewers at cinema Bellinzona d'essai of Bologna in December 1999. After a series of production vicissitudes, the film was programmed always at Bellinzona every tuesday evening between December 2000 and April 2001, with an average of 210 viewers every evening.
The film was presented at Festival Arcipelago of Roma in 2001.
Other screenings were made all over Italy.
The film had 6000-7000 viewers.

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