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In the early 90's  together with few actors and performers I created a theater collective group that in 1993 became Dust theatre. The company, founded by Moreno Mari, Michele Mellara and me, took part in the lifely wave of late 90' italian undeground theatre (the so called Teatri 90). Teatro della Polvere put on stage several plays and performances and built up and had in charge the artistic direction of Estragon (still a well known music club in Bologna). After a couple of years we left Estragon but I kept on working in theatre as actor and director taking part in several projects. I was also deeply involved in the conduction of theatrical workshops for high school students, young kids, psychiatric patients. In 1997 together with Michele Mellara I put on stage "Stanze concrete-Upside down Circus" a performance that had a good success int he italian underground scene. We also perfrormed it abroad. Teatro della Polvere experience came to an end in 2000 after two important projects: "1929" (from "Saint Joan of the Stockyards" by B.Brecth) and "Suburra" (an international production that mixed together in Bologna three different plays that used the city streets as a moving stage. The plays where directed by Robin Arthur, Elizabeth Zundel, Michele Mellara and myself). During the '90's I also collaborated with a couple of local Radio Station (Radio CittÓ del Capo and Oasi Radio) as editor and presenter of cultural programs.
Finally from the late '90s Michele Mellara and I rapidly moved to another form of expression. We wrote the script of "Fortezza Bastiani". The script won the prestigious "Solinas Award" in 1999 and in 2001 we started the production of the movie. "Fortezza Bastiani was released in 2002 and suddenly became a cult movie for university students (not only in Bologna). The film was also nominated for Best First Movie at"David di Donatello "Award. After that movie Michele and I shifted to documentaries finding that form of cinematographic expression more appropriated to the rapidly changing world scenario. Together we wrote and directed several documentary films ("DomÓ, Houses in St Petersburg", "One meter below the fish", "Health for sale", "Work Fever- Bologna 1945-1980", "God save the green", "Pascoliana"). They have been screened in festivals all over the world and they won several prizes. In 2012 our short documentary "Morris'bag" was the only film to represent Italy inside the global project "Why poverty?". They also have been theatrically released and  Tv broadcasted in different countries. Our documentaries have been produced by Mammut Film the production company that Michele and I founded in 2005 together with Ilaria Malagutti, Francesco Merini and Michele Cogo (the latter left the company in 2009). In 2006 Michele and I went back to theatre in order to put on stage a single play "Mosca-Petuski 125km" that we wrote together with Ermanno Cavazzoni from the novel by Venedikt Erofeev. The performance (acted by Mauro Marchese and the voice of Angela Baraldi) has been in tour for all 2006 Summer around Italy.
For our movies we have collaborated with a lot of artist but with some of them we develop a pluriannual collaboration. We had Angela Baraldi and Mauro Marchese voice-over in a few documentaries. While the music where often composed by Nicola Bagnoli and Sandra Reggiani. Ilaria Malagutti has always been our line-producer.
In 2008 I took part in the birth of "DER" the Emilia Romagna association of filmakers and documentary directors and producers. I have been president of DER for the first two years helping the starting up of pilot projects such us "Doc in schools", "Doc Under30", "DoInTour". I also have been vice-president and board member of Doc/it (the documentary national association). For Doc/it I was in charge Doc/it Professional Award for a couple of years.
I write a regular cinema and media column on Security Praxis, a blog that deals with the issue of "security" in our society.
Since few years I run together with Mellara workshops about documentary filmaking at Bologna University.
In 2014 I became a Professor at Bologna University and I teach Theory and Techniques of Film Editing


    Feature movies
   - Fort Bastiani (2002)

    Short movies
   -The Match (2017)

   - I'm in love with my car (2017)
   - Pascoliana (2013)
   - God save the green (2012)
   - Morris' Bag (2012)
   - Work fever, Bologna 1945-1981 (2010)
   - Health for Sale (2007)
   - Fishermen of Po Delta (2007)
   - One metre below the fish (2006)
   - Earthly Paradise - People from Cilento (2005)
   - DomÓ - Houses in S. Petersburg (2003)

   - Men&Puppets (2012)

   - Interview with Florestano Vancini (2005)
   - Interview with Ken Loach (2004)

    Projects designers
   - God Save the Green summer (2011)
   - Cine Circus (2005)
   - Deep North (2004)
   - From Bologna to Sodankyla without swetting - Cine Circus (2004)
   - Are we all americans? (2004)

   - Dust theatre (1993/2000)
   - Mosca-Petuski 125km (2006)

   - Guglielmo Marconi (2004)
   - Portraits (2004)

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