Ilaria Malagutti


Degree in Communication Science at Bologna's University, Master EMAM (European Master in Audiovisual Management) at MAGICA (Rome). Ilaria Malagutti (Producer) (EDNís member, Doc/itís member), after several years spent in the field of production of feature films, television series and documentaries, built up in 2005 her own production company, Mammut Film, together with Michele Cogo, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi and Francesco Merini. For Mammut Film she works on all the production process, from development to distribution, like for the award winning documentary Health for Sale, distributed by First Hand Films and sold to more than 15 countries all over the world.
Amon her works:  Work Fever - Bologna 1945-1981, Morris' Bag, Men and Puppets, Pascoliana, God save the greenThe Orchestra and I'm in love with my car.
Most of them have been directed by M. Mellara and A. Rossi.
At the same time, she collaborates with other production companies as consultant for the fund raising for documentaries, feature films and international cultural events.

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