Fort Bastiani

a film by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi


Bologna. The eldest city of University in Europe. Year 2000: the city is one of the European Capitals of Culture. The film tells the story of a group of contemporary university students in Bologna. The apartment in which they live is a refuge, a safe heaven for them. They call it “Fortezza Bastiani”, as it’s like the fort of the italian book “Deserto dei Tartari” by Dino Buzzati. Buzzati tells of Captain Drogo, who waits all of his life for the arrival of the Tartars and when they arrive finally, he is too old to fight them. The students, who have almost finished their studies, live and think in the same manner, at the University and in the City, as Captain Drogo. The malaise and general discontent of a generation that has lost its faith in institutions, becomes an increasingly difficult issue when they confront their former rommate and friend, now a young teacher with a good career, who is ideologically very distant from their vision of the world. The group’s friendships will be tested and each one must choose if they remain true to their own principles or rather begin to involve themselves in the real world, searching with a sense of reality to find their own place in the sun.

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