Mosca-Petuski 125 km

A wandering show through the suburbs of the city
Freely inspired to Venedikt Erofeev novel

Idea and direction:
Michele Mellara e Alessandro Rossi
Mauro Marchese
Angels’ voice:
Angela Baraldi
Free adaptation:
Ermanno Cavazzoni
Ilaria Malagutti

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Mosca-Petuski 125 km e V. Erofeev
The damn charm of Venedikt Erofeev has already created a legend. “Between Mosca and Petuski” (published in Italy in 1977) has been the most red and studied book in Russia straddle the millennium. Venicka, protagonist and at the same time narrator of the novel, literary sails on the vodka, wich turns into holy spirit, into godsend, death and artistic inspiration in the beat-up carriages of the Mosca-Petuski train.
And, together with the vodka, splashes in a fantastic mixture the holy text of Christianity and all the literatures of the world. A strange group of characters, from a rail station to another, gather around Venicka, actor and director of a big collective play.
Also in Italy we noticed the extraordinary talent of the russian author: Ermanno Cavazzoni compares his work to Bulgakov: “his use of the language, his fantastic and visionary skill, the miracolous sense of living, opens a new and happy season of russian narrative”.
Starting from this novel we thought to a wandering show with an old bus of the ‘80’s, properly rearranged to mobile scene.

n_Mauro Marchese, Mellara, Rossi rid
(Mauro Marchese)  

The show and the wild-eyed suburb
The novel become a monologue for an actor (Mauro Marchese, from Bologna), who plays on the bus, instead of the train where most of the Erofeev text is set.
The way between Moska and Petuski turns into a trip from the center to the suburb, a trip that begins in a symbolic place of the city and then gets lost, following the endless digressions of the protagonist.
A journey in stages where the audience can dip in a involving theatrical dimension. The theatrical action is not only on the bus, but also in special and selected places where the 25 viewers get off the bus and, toghether with the actor, turn the city field in a fantastic place.

(Venedikt Erofeev)

Summer 2006

27/28/29/30 June
Festival Le parole dello schermo (Bologna)

6/7/8 July
Firenzestate '06 (Firenze)

3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13 Agoust
bè bolognaestate '06 (Bologna)

6/7/8/9/10 September
Festival della letteratura (Mantova)

21/22/23/24 September
Festival Enzimi (Roma)

  Press release

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