Interview with Florestano Vancini


An interview to an Italian director that has worked with great passion both in the documentary and in the cinema. The director of "La Banda Casaroli" (Casaroli's Gang) and "La lunga notte del '43" (The long night of '43), has also signed many documentaries. One of them was set in the Po delta, a place wich is a symbol for the italian cinema's immagination. Vancini, in this little documentary, tell us, with a participated tone, the most important steps of his career.

Written and directed by
Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
Edited by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
Photography by Michele Mellara
Research and questions by Andrea Morini
Sound Recordist Alessandro Rossi
Music Emiliano Grilli
Mix Nicola Bagnoli
Executive Producer for Mammut Film Ilaria Malagutti
Produced by Mammut Film with the support of Cineteca di Bologna
Time Lenght 10'
Distribution on DVD
As an extra in the DVD “One metre below the fish” by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi edited by Ermitage Cinema

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