Palestine for Beginners 

The Sentimental Education of a Rockabilly Bass Player

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Zimmy loves to do two things in life: play the bass with his band, the Lou del Belloís, and hang out in the city that he loves, Bologna. This time, though, his band members throw him for a loop: they organize a trip to teach music to kids in a Palestinian refugee camp. Can Zimmy turn them down? Obviously not: he goes and brings with him his friend Berna, a cook.

In Palestine Zimmy does just fine and in fact he develops a bond with a family, the Azzahs: Mohanned, his sister Mirna and their grandmother Um Yunis. While Berna tours the markets of every stripe to discover Palestinian flavors, Zimmy canít understand why the Azzah family canít go back to their village, Bejit Jibrin, from which they were banished in 1948. So he decides to go there himself, leaving behind the guys in his band Ö

A film by The Lou del Bello's
                Written by 
Jacopo Bonvicini, Emilio Distretti, Francesco Merini
Directed by Francesco Merini
Produced by The Lou del Bello's
In collaboration with Cicco Corporation, Mammut Film
Starring Simone Zimmy Martini, Bernardo Bolognesi, Mirna Al Azzeh
Executive Producer Chiara Cremonini
Executive Producer in Palestine Caterina Donattini
Original Music by Alessandro e Carlo Tumscitz
Camera Operators Jacopo Bonvicini, Francesco Merini
Supervision of the Photography Daria D'Antonio
3rd Camera Operator Tommaso De Feo
Sound Recordists Tommaso De Feo, Alberto Martini, Matteo Tarozzi
Sound Editor and mix Enzo Cimino
Editor Francesco Merini
Translations Jonathan Mullins, Emilio Distretti, Chiara Cremonini
Time Lenght 60'
Distribution Mammut Film

Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2013
Bari International Film Festival 2013
        Ravenna, Per non morire di televisione 2013
Hai visto mai? 2012
        Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2013
             Trani Film Festival 2013
        Salerno Doc Festival 2013
        Kantun Winka 2013
        Ovest.doc, Genova 2013
        Al Ard Doc Film Festival, Cagliari 2013
        Mitreo Film Festival 2013
                Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival, Ancona 2014
                Popoli e religioni Festival, Terni 2014

        Special Mention at Al Ard Doc Film Festival

        Doc in Tour 2013, 11 replies
Cinema LumiŤre della Cineteca di Bologna, 10 replies
        November 2012, January 2013
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