God save the green

The world, by now, is nothing but a desert; what is not world has to be a garden.

R. Borchardt


web: www.godsavethegreen.it


In the last few years, everywhere in the world, individuals and small groups of people have started to cultivate vegetables in their own gardens, in their allotments, in their balconies, in their  terraces and in neglected places of their cities. They do that, because they want fresh and healthy food, they want to change their way of life, the place where they live and the urban environment. "God save the green" tells the stories of people who are regaining a sense of community through gardening and, at the same time, they are changing their lives and the places they live in. The stories take place in the peripheries of large and medium-sized cities in the northern and southern hemispheres: Turin, Bologna, Nairobi, Casablanca, Berlin, Teresina. The film evoke the nature beauty that can exist inside our cities. A poetical narration, based on Karel Capek and R. Borchardt texts, unfold the strong relationship between mankind and the urban nature. The narration flows into six possible and innovative routes to follow in finding a way to produce healthy and nutritious foods on one’s own, perhaps even to sell some of them. The six routes are: the last garden in one of the most crowded peripheries of Casablanca; hydroponic cultivation in Teresina, Brazil; community gardens in Berlin;  growing vegetables inside bags in one of Nairobi's slums; hanging gardens in Berlin, Turin and Bologna; Guerrilla gardening in Berlin. “God save the green” is a film about the creation of a new possible urban landscape, the third landscape, where green space is not merely a decorative feature but is something that is lived-in, creative.

Written and directed by: Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Research: Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, Francesco Orsini
Director of the fotography: Marco Mensa, Michele Mellara
Cameramen: Michele Mellara, Marco Mensa, Francesco Merini
Sound recordist: Alessandro Rossi
Editor: Marco Duretti
Color Correction and Graphic Design: Marco Fantozzi
Music by: Massimo Zamboni
Voice over: Angela Baraldi
Produced by: Ilaria Malagutti
Production: Mammut Film
together with: Rai Cinema
together with: Ethnos e CEFA
with the sponsorship of the: University of Bologna and DISTA
with contribution by: Cineteca of Bologna - Film Commission Bologna -; Regione Emilia Romagna; APQ GECO; Film Commission Torino Piemonte;
with the support of: D.E-R (documentarists of Emilia Romagna)
and: Media European Community Program
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
Format: HD
Genre: Current Affairs, Social and Environmental Issues
Duration: 1x75’; 1x52’

World Sales

Distributor: Sky Vision

CBC (Canada); RAI3 (Italy); RAI1 (Italy); Bomanbridge Media Pte (Asia); Autentic Gmbh (Germany); Public Ltd. Latvian Television (Scandinavia); Ushuaia TV (France)

Theatrically italian distribution
Andrea Peraro
Cineteca of Bologna Foundation
Via Riva di Reno, 72
40122 Bologna
Tel. +390512194807
Fax +390512194821
E-mail: andrea.peraro@cineteca.bologna.it
Website: www.cinetecadibologna.it

Festival and Prizes
Skylogic Award Giornate Europee dell'audiovisivo, Torino
Best documentary, Costa Rica International Film Festival
Best feature lenght documentary, Ecologic International Film Festival, Lecce
Parco Colli Euganei Award, Euganea Festival
Award Cinema del reale, Specchia, Lecce

Environmental Film Festival, Albania 2015

Festival Lo sguardo di Omero, Melendugno (LE), 2014
International Festival del cinema Africano, Milan 2014
International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico, Città del Mexico 2014
Festival du Film Vert, Zurigo 2014
Festival del cinema città di Spello (PG), 2014
CMS Vatavaran Film Festival, New Dehli, India 2013
20th Barcellona International Environmental Film Festival 2013
Kassel Dok Festival, Germany 2013

Festambiente Mondi Possibili, Rome 2013
Reefestival, Bari, Italy 2013
International Environmental Film Festival
, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2013

Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival, San Paolo, Brasil 2013
Costa Rica International Film Festival, Montezuma, Costa Rica 2013
Sotto le stelle del Cinema, Bologna 2013

Clorofilla Film Festival, Rispescia (GR) 2013
Ecologico International Film Festival, Nardò (LE) 2013
Cinema del reale, Specchia (LE) 2013
Vivere Verde, Modena 2013
XII Euganea Film Festival,
Este, Monselice (PD) 2013

Agrifilm Festival, Ostiglia, Mantova 2013
Coinvolgimenti, Massafra, Taranto 2013
Inscape/Landscape Interzona, Verona 2013
Visioni Italiane, Bologna (2013)
Worldfilm Festival of Visual Culture, Tartu, Estonia (2013)
This Human World International Film Festival, Vienna (2012)

22-11-2012  Cinema Värmlands a Karlstad (Sweden)
26-10-2012 screenings of some extracts of the film Leoncavallo (Milan)

Press Release

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