The documentary presents to the public some of Pascoli's most significant poetic compositions, showing the centrality of the human, animal and vegetable landscape in the construction of its poetic language. The poems, including Lavandare, Novembre, Il Gelsomino Notturno, are read and interpreted by a choir of characters, actors known as Ivano Marescotti and Paolo Poli, important academics such as Vittorio Roda and Andrea Battistini, writers and poets such as Loriano Macchiavelli and Vito Bonito, singers and musicians such as "Freak" Antoni and Angela Baraldi, but also simple people who with their interpretations give new life to the poems of Pascoli.


Written, directed and edited by: Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi, Francesco Merini
Cameramen and e photography: Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini
Sound recordist: Alessandro Rossi
Musics: Marco Biscarini, Erik Satie
performed by: Alessandra Mostacci
with: Ivano Marescotti, Angela Baraldi, Paolo Poli, Roberto "Freak" Antoni, Alessandra Mostacci, Anna Amadori, Vittorio Roda, Andrea Battistini, Loriano Macchiavelli, Vito Bonito.
Produced by: Ilaria Malagutti
Production: Mammut Film
in association with: Eugea
with the support of: Film Commission Regione Emilia Romagna
Country: Italia
Year of production: 2013

Languages: Italian
Format: HD
Genre: History, Portraits
Duration: 30’

DVD+ Libro : Eugea editions. Series "I giardini letterari di Eugea". 
Title: "Giovanni Pascoli. Il fanciullo che parla l'eterna lingua della natura" (Italia)

Television and Theatrical distribution 
Mammut Film

Press release
La Repubblica Bo, 16-10-2013
Corriere della Sera Bo, 15-10-2013
La Repubblica, 15-10-2013

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