Are we all Americans?


Given that the USA is the greatest world power, marking and governing the fate of our planet, why should we not be able to vote for their/our President? We have for this reason organized the first US elections for non-Americans, in Italy, in a small Tuscan town called La California (municipality of Bibbona, province of Livorno). Voting is open to all, and not only to residents of La California. It will take place on Sunday 31st of October, two days before the real election. It will be possible to vote in person, with real ballot papers and boxes, in La California's town square, and electronically, on this site. Sunday 31st of October will be one big party, with live music, comedy and satire, wine and things to eat. In our elections, you can vote not only for the official candidates (Bush, Kerry and Nader), but also for alternative candidates, no limit being placed on nationality. The ballot slips will then be sent to the American government.
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