Cine Circus 2005

The 2005 edition is curated by Mammut Film (Michele Cogo, Ilaria Malagutti, Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini, Alessandro Rossi) and realized in collaboration with the Cineteca of Bologna, the Department of Culture of the Bologna Province and the Department of Culture and Relations with the University of the Municipality of Bologna. Twenty-six evenings of open-air cinema that, between June 20 and September 1, will animate the city's districts and municipalities of the province, bringing the cinema to different and unusual places. This will be done with the help of a van equipped for film projection (Microcine). The films will also be accompanied by short films and introduced by guests. The organizers will also be present: the idea, in fact, is also that of a cinema that establishes contact with people in a direct, participatory way, an experience of viewing and enjoyment of the film but also a different way of relating with the public. Precisely for this reason, where possible, will be offered to viewers wine and typical products. There will also be a book shop organized in collaboration with Ermitage Cinema.
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