Artic spleen


Arctic Spleen is a personal intimate journey inside the Greenlandic juvenile world where nature, violence, boredom and a strong cultural legacy have been claiming for decades the highest and saddest "toll". That of hundreds of young lives. In East Greenland twenty percent of youths aged between 15 and 25 try to end their lives every year. Two percent of them succeed. The personal experiences of Ole, Elvira, Hans and Kaleraaq, who survived to several attempts, are not single isolated stories but the mirror of the fears of a huge part of young Greenlanders inclined to commit suicide. A delicate exploration of the subtle and intimate war many young people fight against violence, boredom and emptiness. A documentary that offers a different social perspective to the 3.000 Inuits community of Tasiilaq and the other 6 villages that make up the East coast of Greenland. One of the currently lesser known societies, discovered and rescued by sure extinction only in 1894 and that switched from stone age to modern life in just 80 years.

               Written and directed by: Piergiorgio Casotti
               Dop, cameraman and sound recordist: Piergiorgio Casotti
               Editor: Nadia Fugazza
               Music composed by: Massimo Zamboni
               Produced by: Ilaria Malagutti
               Production: Mammut Film and Piegiorgio Casotti

               Languages: italian, english
               Formato: HD
               Genre: current affair, social issue, human interest
               Duration: 1x60’

                World Sales
                Doc&Film International


               Festival and prize:

               Corso Salani Prize 2013

               Best doc and critic award, Genova Film Festival 2014
               Daunbaiḷ Prize, Genova Film Festival 2014
               Manya Human Rights International Film Festival 2015 Kampala (Uganda)
               American Documentary Film Festival 2015 Palm Springs US
               IDFA - Doc for Sales 2015
               Frozen River Film Festival 2016 - Winona US

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