Lost Land

Stories of Land Grabbing in Sardenia


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This short documentary tells the race to land and the abuse that this suffers in Sardinia. The island is colonized by speculative operations that steal a substantial part of the territory of the region which could be used for agriculture. Military bases, wind farms, photovoltaic and thermodynamic systems made ​​without any respect for the land and in clear opposition to the local communities. The film gives space to the voices of protest committees that fight, all over the island, against this shameless  aggression. The people involved in the protests argue his case with knowledge of the facts, passion, love.  At the end, Sardinia, wounded, still manages to reveal corners of incomparable natural beauty.

  The documentary was made ​​within the project "Apriti sesamo (Open Sesame)" funded by the

  Italian Cooperative development - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

  Written, directed and edited by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
  Producer Ilaria Malagutti
  Produced by
Mammut Film
  in collaboration with
CEFA, OSVIC, Overseas
  Funded by
Cooperativa italiana allo sviluppo - Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della
  Cooperazione Internazionale
  Graphic animations of Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola
Organization and logistics Paola Gaidano
Nicola Bagnoli
  With Franca Roiatti (giornalista); Francesco Benciolini (Via Campesina Europa);
  Consuelo Costa (componente del portale Arrèxini.info); Pietro Porcedda (Comitato S'Arrieddu per Narbolia);
  Riccardo Chiozzi (Comitato Inbosa); Damiano Sanna (Comitato Salviamo Tentizzos per Bosa);
  Graziano Bullegas (Italia Nostra Sardegna); Maurizio Onnis (Comitato fuori dalle pale);
  Davide Rullo, Antonella Cenghialta, Paolo Pinos, Federico Torresan, Irene Nuvoli, Manuela Pintus
  (Comitato no al progetto Eleonora); Giovanni Cualbo (pastore); Catia Signorelli,
  Carlo Contu (Comitato Terra Sana); Laura Cadeddu (Comitato No alla mega centrale);
  Luciana Mele (Terra che ci appartiene); Antonio Onorati (Centro Internazionale Crocevia)


  Terra di Tutti Art Festival, Bologna, 2015
Dromos Festival, Sardegna, 2015
  Pianeta in VenditaOristano, Nuoro, Cagliari, Sassari, S.Antioco, 2015
  Superscarcity, Milano,2015

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