The Match


 Film Winner of the 2017 MigrArti project

It's the most important day in Amin's life: today will take place the boxing match for the junior title. A match for which he has been preparing for a long time. It's either the make or break. Amin is a boy of Moroccan origin - teen ager like the others - stormed by the fragility and shyness typical of adolescence. We are in the hour before the match, in a popular gym in Bologna, and Amin, helped by his gruff coach, should concentrate before entering the ring. But it seems that no one wants to leave him alone. Unexpected and intrusive, a cheating friend who tries to steal money from the penniless coach, another fellow adventurer who has been cleared by the police from the temporary accommodation in which he lived with his family, the family of Amin with mother and sisters in tow who, like a tornado, bring to the gym the problems of the house, and as if that were not enough, even the lawyer who is following Amin's request for obtaining Italian citizenship present themselves to him. All of them ask him something, question him, shake him, take him away from the silence of concentration he needs, and the reality voraciously besieges the world of the gym unable to stem such a power of impact. With his head cluttered with a thousand questions, Amin gets into the ring. How will it end?

Written and directed by Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Produced by Ilaria Malagutti
Director of photography Roberto Cimatti (a.i.c.)
Scenography and costumes Laura Soprani
Makeup Francesca Piani
Main interpreters Bob Messini, Amin Miftah, Yussra Guermah, Younes El Bouzani, 
Eldin Bardosana, Nezha Tammar 
Editing Corrado Iuvara (a.m.c)
Original musics Giuseppe Tranquillino Minerva
Live-recorded audio and sound editing Giovanni Frezza
Production Mammut Film in association with Roberto Cimatti
in co-production with Film Pro
in collaboration with UISP - Emilia Romagna; TPO; Associazione Entri il Mondo; Polisportiva Hic Sunt Leones;Leone 1947; Combo; Cooperativa Sociale SocietÓ Dolce; Accademi Belle Arti 
Press Office Michela Giorgini
Duration 14 minutes
Format Full HD 
Distribution Mammut Film
Year 2017 

 RAI 1, RAI Play

Festival and Prizes
premiered at the 74th Venice Film Festival 
Creuza de MÓ - Music for cinema, Cagliari, 2017 
Best Film Award at 2017 Matera Sport Film Festival 
Pazza Idea Festival, Cagliari, 2017
Visioni Italiane, Bologna, 2018
Young About Film Festival, Bologna 2018
Here we are. Cinema e storie di migrazioni, Cesena, 2018
BOtanique, Bologna, 2018
Sedicicorto, International Film Festival, Forlý, 2018
Lipsia Film Festival 2018

Press Release
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