Deep North

designed and produced by Mammut Film 

in collaboration with Fondazione Villa Ghigi, Ravintola, 

Iperborea, Terminal Video

project carried out in the context of bč bolognaestate

July 25 Villa Ghigi

Photo taken from Steam of Life

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A day in one of the most beautiful parks in Bologna, Villa Ghigi, dedicated to the memory of Peter Von Bagh. Film critic and historian, actor, writer, director, Von Bagh was the Midnight Sun Film Festival's creator in Sodankylä, in the deep north of Finland.  In 2004, together with other filmmakers from Bologna, we made a long journey to take our cinema up there, up to this highly original festival. On that occasion, a relationship of mutual esteem and affection was created that has been nourished in the years to come thanks to the opportunity to see Peter in our city as director of the Festival Cinema Ritrovato. The day of the 25th is also dedicated to him and his uncontrollable passion for cinema, and together with the 
Mammut Film, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. By uniting Finland, Peter, and Mammut Film, the cocktail is tasty and tasty: a day with projections, lots of cinema, creative and original, meetings, literature, music and children. 
Finnish documentary cinema, live beats, Scandinavian literature, Nordic food and screenings of published and unpublished films by Mammut Film to retrace, in a journey of visions, his ten years of life.
In addition, a space dedicated to children for a day that will accompany users from late morning until late at night. 
An unmissable midsummer party.

  Day program

10:00 - 13:00 Tribute to Peter Von Bagh:"Sodankyla forever" 

(projection room in the building of Villa Ghigi)


10:00 - Peter Von Bagh's First experience at cinema -  dur. 58 min

11:00 - Peter Von Bagh's Eternal time - dur. 58 min

12:00 - Peter Von Bagh's Drama of light - dur. 58 min

13:00   Finnish lunch by Trattoria Ravintola

15:00 -17:30 Ten years of Mammut documentary films review

(projection room in the building of Villa Ghigi)


15:00 - Men & Puppets by M. Mellara, A. Rossi, F. Merini - dur. 30 min.

15:30 - Pascoliana by M. Mellara, A. Rossi, F. Merini– dur. 30 min.

16:00 - Domā, houses in St. Petersburg by M. Mellara, A. Rossi - dur. 30 min.

16:30 - Palestine for Beginners by F. Merini - dur. 60 min.

 18:00 -19:00 Meeting with Iperborea (publishing house specializing in literature from northen Europe)

conducted by Giorgia Ferrari presentation of Finnish authors "Between irony and uninhibited"

 19:30 - 20:30 Four Vultures concert 

(Moreno Spirogi, voice and drums; Nicola Bagnoli, organ; Ugo Cappadonia, guitar; Michele Rizzoli, bass )

 20:30 - Aperitif and outdoor dinner

 evening projections (outdoor cinema in the courtyard in front of the villa


21:45 Sodankylä 2004 (inedito) by M. Mellara, A. Rossi, F. Merini - dur. 15 min.

22:00 Steam of Life by Joonas Berghäll, and Mika Hotakainen - dur. 84 min. 

23:30 - 02:00 Dj set by Moreno Spirogi

The spaces in front of Villa Ghigi will be set up with an exhibition of photos taken by Francesco Merini in 2004 on the occasion of his long journey towards the "Midnight Sun Film Festival" 

Free entrance. It's advisable to be equipped with a battery. Dinners and aperitifs are on payment.  

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